Benefits at GenWise

We’re a team of tech-first problem solvers who have empathy towards elders and have a passion to learn & execute in a collaborative environment. 

Values at GenWise

Beyond the obvious skillset and values that all the great folks who choose to join us will bring to the table, there are a few differentiators which will ensure you have a great experience at GenWise.

Connected with Elders

At GenWise, we look forward to working with people who must have love and respect for this segment along with a passion to build for the Elderly people.


Our target users behave very differently from Millennials and GenZ where most startups operate (e.g our users prefers safety over convenience). Hence, we expect our GenWise Ambassadors to be flexible and willing to unlearn. 


It is extremely crucial to understand our users’ perceptions and circumstances from their point of view as we are building for an unexplored segment.

Data Analyst

Knowledge of basic data analysis toolkits such as SQL, Microsoft Excel etc., is an elementary skill which everyone working in a tech startup should possess. We expect everyone (including founders) to develop their own MISes.

Tech First Problem Solver

Tech will be the core engine which will power our company. Hence, every GenWise ambassador (irrespective of role) should think of Tech 1st and scalable solutions as default.

Closure Oriented 

We don’t want to cater to the workspace where there is no closure in sight on a topic or consistent deflection of responsibility. Our actions at GenWise should be taking a decision and implementing it in an efficient and effective manner. 

Career Hierarchy

We have decided a non-conventional ladder for our company and it goes as 'Partner' --> 'Captain' --> 'Leader'. Each ladder is linked to scope of role and as soon as your role upgrades to next level, the role title changes accordingly at that moment without waiting for year-end.